Pledges & Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom

Mahalo Ke Akua / YHWH / God… (the Truth and Source)

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at Malama O Puna in Pahoa Town, Na Moku O Keawe (Hawai’i Island).

9 People Pledged the Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom : Declaration of Rights 1839. Natural Law justice is our unalienable Ke Akua (YHWH) given right to due process and full transparency with accountability.


Hawaiians of all colors experienced a beautiful and aloha filled ceremony. We took a significant step toward restoring truth in lawfulness in our beloved Hawai’i nei. All of us are members of the Circle of Sovereigns : Natural Law Jural Assembly.

We are based in Hilo / Puna and have been established for the Public Record, since August 3, 2017. Many more are ready to pledge, as most people, once they learn about it, resonate deeply to the self evident truth of Natural Law Justice. We are looking forward to supporting Honoka’a / Waimea / Kohala as they also organize their own Hawaiian Kingdom jural assemblies!

Here is our Pledge unto Hawaiian Kingdom and Declaration of Rights 1839