Hawaiian Kingdom + ALOHA TRUTH = Lokahi (Unity)

Gene Tamashiro is a sovereign (not THE SOVEREIGN king / queen) of the Hawaiian Kingdom : Ko Hawai’i Pae ‘Aina subject under the Creator’s Law as codified; Declaration of Rights 1839, Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III. The police officers, Kanaka brothers, are contracted with the State of Hawai’i corporation (Dun and Bradstreet # 047333546) that perpetuates HARMFUL POLICIES on behalf of an UNLAWFUL “fake state” foreign corporate occupation. Intuitively, these police officers immediately grasp the nature of the illegal conundrum and respond in mutual aloha as well. Gene clearly provides the lawful foundation of Common / Natural / Ke Akua law concepts required for the Unity of all nations and people. The peaceful interaction is a unique feature of our beloved Kingdom, the ALOHA NATION. The “Huli,” and transformation from a de facto government corporation to a true People’s de jure government has already begun! BE TRUTHFUL..DO NO HARM..HONOR YOUR WORD. In the end, the facilitator of this is the remedy of international law to which he ascribes his actions concur.

Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly Summons Hawaii County “officials”…

This video displays the dialogue that occurred when Mayor Harry Kim was served his summons by Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly and HK Postal Treaty Defenders. Of the 12 people served, he was the only one accessible without fortified doors and not conveniently “in the field”.

He (like the other eleven County representatives) is in DEFAULT for Non-compliance and must validate or invalidate his acquiescence response of “silence” to our Demand for Particulars (evidence) regarding Title and Jurisdiction and the constant Harm being done to Hawaiian nationals who must still experience the the alienated system of Usury by financial capital corporate banking interests.

This tribunal will occur on September 23..2pm at the 2012 Kanaka Garden site adjacent to Kamehameha statue.

Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assemblies are the missing ingredient to advance the sovereignty movement as brother Kaleo Lindsey of the historic Kona Kupuna Counsel revealed so well. It is the precise PROTOCOL required for the implementation of the 1839 Declaration of Rights tenets which Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) brilliantly set in motion for the unity of all Hawaiian patriots of all colors and nationalities …with the foresight of the Hewa that was approaching.

Each Ahupua’a district needs to establish their own Jural Assembly Tribunal that ascribes to HK Ke Akua/ natural Law (vs “man’s law”). The Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly (Hilo) answered this call and appears to be setting an historic precedence and model by which all the Ahupua’a districts can learn from. Especially on the eastside of Moku O Keawe.. where both Puna and Hamakua are also in desperate need of Lawful assistance… the Hilo branch has lovingly extended itself with the “Kapu Aloha” necessary to defeat any Hewa. Now ALL are able to grasp the essence of this breakthrough development that is unfolding before our eyes…and hopefully these “voids” of needed tribunal organizations will be overcome in the near future.


Dear Kingdom Friends…

Hawaiian nationals, subject to YHWHAKUA’S (GOD) LAW: Declaration of Rights 1839 Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III, filed 1/7/19: ALOHA TRUTH NOTICE with DEMAND for PARTICULARS.

We, the sovereign Hawaiian nationals of all colors, through our Circle of Sovereigns: Kingdom Jural Assembly:


We now DEMAND that all parties to this legal action DO THE SAME. (State Civil #18-1-261). Including the Honolulu Law Firm and State of Hawai’i Judicial System that continue to falsely claim lawful jurisdiction!

Please come support meaningful, peaceful, and lawful action! Protect Hawaiian Kingdom title and jurisdiction. Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands! (nationality not race)

Thursday, January 10, 2019 8am Hilo Courthouse