Aloha-Truth Walk Out

Dear Friends for Freedom…

I have come to the full realization that we will never find meaningful remedy for problems in our society/government, until we establish standing AS TRUE LIVING SOVEREIGNS unto the peoples/public record.

Otherwise, the employees and agents of the State will presume they own you.

Who are you?
Where are you?
Under what law(s) do you live by?

The United States is self defined as a “federal corporation.” (See: United States Code, Article 28 Section 3002, line 15) This unconstitutional “legal entity” was created through the unlawful establishment of the District of Columbia 1871 (WASHINGTON DC).

Congress has no lawful authority to transform a dejure people’s government, into a foreign owned government services corporation (legal entity), which is under the Roman Civil / Admiralty Law of the IMF and Crown Corporation, England.

I am not a corporate fiction “person.” I am a sovereign Hawaiian national, subject only under Ke Akua / God’s Law of Liberty : Declaration of Rights 1839 Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III.

For over six years, I have worked to make sure that my true status is clarified and established. I am no longer presumed to be a 14th Amendment US citizen-slave.

Hawaiian Nationals from Oahu and Molokai are flying in to support one of their own… me!

Administrative remedy within the State of Hawai’i Inc. has been exhausted.

We are invoking a nation to nation settlement.
Natural Law Justice : Hawaiian Kingdom

Breach of International Jurisdiction
Declaration of Departure from USA INC. (Babylon)
Tuesday, July 17, 2018  8:30am
South Kohala Courtroom (Waimea)


Oh yeah… wear red!



Aloha Nation Live has begun to broadcast on 93.5FM


Dear Friends for Freedom…

Our first show was done live, Friday May 11, 2018 at 9:33am and was almost 4 hrs long!

Musical guests Unity and Tiana; Sacred Herb Advocate, The Legendary Roger Christie; Youth Poetry by Red House; and Circle of Sovereign founding member Kate Lilly joined us for some amazing interviews, music, information and personal manao.

Attached below are two sample clips of ‘KU” (Gene) and “Nomad.”

We will be sharing all segments of our opening broadcast very soon.
Still figuring out how to do this… Our hosts are not so familiar with radio… Still learning to talk / fly 🙂

Next live broadcast is this coming Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10AM.

Featuring: Tia and Tiana, Wahine Captains of the Hawaiian Kingdom Relief Station; Solomon York, Hawaiian Kingdom Marshal, Herb Loa’a, Hawaiian musician and great Kingdom supporter.

We just wanted to give you folks a small sample of what we’re doing, and where we hope to go.


We are located in Pahoa town, and our reach and clarity is covering a good portion of the PUNA district.

This is a new beginning…

True Love and mahalos to you all…

Circle of Sovereigns

Pledges & Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom

Mahalo Ke Akua / YHWH / God… (the Truth and Source)

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at Malama O Puna in Pahoa Town, Na Moku O Keawe (Hawai’i Island).

9 People Pledged the Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom : Declaration of Rights 1839. Natural Law justice is our unalienable Ke Akua (YHWH) given right to due process and full transparency with accountability.


Hawaiians of all colors experienced a beautiful and aloha filled ceremony. We took a significant step toward restoring truth in lawfulness in our beloved Hawai’i nei. All of us are members of the Circle of Sovereigns : Natural Law Jural Assembly.

We are based in Hilo / Puna and have been established for the Public Record, since August 3, 2017. Many more are ready to pledge, as most people, once they learn about it, resonate deeply to the self evident truth of Natural Law Justice. We are looking forward to supporting Honoka’a / Waimea / Kohala as they also organize their own Hawaiian Kingdom jural assemblies!

Here is our Pledge unto Hawaiian Kingdom and Declaration of Rights 1839

A promise fulfilled…

America and Hawaii, as known in the “modern post industrial” era are both founded on the Natural Law, or Divine/Universal Law (America 1776, Hawai’i 1839).

Of course…American history, especially after the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Jan, 17, 1893, has had a tremendous impact upon Hawai’i.

See :
House Joint Resolution #192 on June 5, 1933 / eliminating gold-backed (value based and guaranteed) currency. Previous to the treason of HJR192. The American money system had a Standard of value based on the Coinage Act of 1792, authorized and incorporated under the Natural Law principles of the organic Constitution 1789.

Here it is… ALL DEBT MUST BE PAID (Article I section 10)

In Full Value… Equal Value

For something to be “Paid” ….  A Promise must be fulfilled. Completed the contract.

For now… we use federal reserve notes… They are not backed with promised value.
We need to create, first through trust… and barter… and eventually… our own Hawaiian Kingdom currency. Backed by the value of our Covenant to KeAkua/Honor/God and initially, the Crown Lands 1.8 million acres.

“Commerce” and “Trade” are often used interchangeably; but strictly speaking, commerce relates to dealings with foreign nations, states, or political communities, while trade denotes business exchange or mutual traffic within the limits of a state or nation. Buying selling, and trading between members of the same “community.” …the whole world.

Remember… in the Law of Commerce or the Natural Law…
In either venue… TRUTH IS  SOVEREIGN.

Sovereignty & Natural Law 101

People need real justice and remedy.

All are created equal (but not the same) under Ke Akua / God / Creator.

Each living system is inherently expert at Natural Law from inception. We live instinctually according to the flow of nature. Even little children understand that for every action there is a consequence and that we thrive when allowed to function freely within natural structures and processes. We intuitively know that our energy is highest when we live in harmony.

It’s easier to live in truth than in falsehood. Living in Natural Law is living in unobstructed energy; because that’s how we thrive. Natural Law is living and maintaining clean, unobstructed human energy; wholeness. Natural Law is the Common Law, the Law of Aloha.

Under Natural Law we live lawfully by holding ourselves and each other accountable to the three principles of Natural Law Justice:

Be Truthful.    Do No Harm.   Honor Your Word.

We the People, Hawaiians of all colors, are the true guardians, owners and beneficiaries of our own bodies, minds and souls. We are one Ohana (family), and as the children of Ke Akua / God, we openly, respectfully, and firmly rebuke all false claims. contracts, deceptions, and presumptions.

We come together as Ohana (family) in community for social and spiritual up-liftment,unalienable rights protection, as well as sustainable self reliance projects and educational programs for our Lahui (Nation).

Unity in the Law = Unity in the People

The united States of America, Declaration of Independence (1776), and the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, Declaration of Rights (1839) are both founded upon Ke Akua / YHWH / God’s Universal Law. (Natural Law) 

We hold ourselves, and all our relations, including all representatives of the US Federal Corporation, to uphold and live by the Holy Natural Law. As a Natural Law Jural Assembly, we seek truth and deliberate faithfully under the Natural Law; principled with Justice, Honor, and Grace. We strictly adhere to the following legal maxims:  

1) Every unalienable God given right when with-held, must have a remedy, and every injury its proper redress.                                  

2) In Natural Law, if there is no harm… then there is no crime. 

In order to establish that harm has been done, there must be a verified claim that one has perpetrated harm to another. The State, Federal government, or any other form of corporate entity cannot be a victim. 

Background Basics.

Whereas: Congress passed the Organic Act of 1871, which created a government corporation within the District of Columbia, called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This new foreign controlled government corporation unlawfully led to the fraudulent rewrite and adoption of what appeared to be the organic American Constitution. This fraudulent rewrite of the true organic Constitution (1789), becomes a corporate “mission statement” that also removed the original 13th Amendment, which prohibits the BAR’s (British Accreditation Regency) “Esquires” from holding public office!

Whereas: The Declaration of Independence states, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of Government (USA INC. + STATE OF HAWAI’I INC.) becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new mutual agreements “ Government”, laying its foundations on such principles (Natural Law) and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Whereas: United States Code, Article 28, section 3002 (line 15) definition of the “United States” reads “federal corporation.” Nowhere in the U.S.C. definition is there any mention of a constitutional republic or government of and by the People.

Whereas: No lawful Treaty of Annexation exists, and the true political status of Hawai’i is now a well recognized public record fact… The Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist, we have been under US military occupation for over 124 years! 

We do not and cannot recognize the corporate entity, State of Hawai’i as having lawful jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Islands. Indeed, the corporate fiction entity cannot prove with factual evidence any lawful jurisdiction over Hawai’i.                                  

Come now… Hawaiians of all colors, working together and building trust, in Truth and Love, to correct, heal, and restore with ALOHA… transgressions, treasons, and misunderstandings of the past and present. 

It feels better to live in joy than in anxiety.”
Cindy K. Currier

We are now in deep transformation and healing.

This is a time of healing and learning about who we are, where we are, and about our relationships to others, and all of Life. We are in a correction period; a time of reflection, and good decisions, to clear out the old, making room for the new.

Stay in honor. Nurture love. Be steadfast, ONIPA’A

People need real justice and remedy.

Each living system is inherently expert at Natural Law from inception. We live instinctually according to the flow of nature. Even little children understand that for every action there is a consequence and that we thrive when allowed to function freely within natural structures and processes. We intuitively know that our energy is highest when we live in harmony.

Join Us

We meet every Monday at Malama ‘O Puna, Pahoa 6-8pm. For more information contact  Circle of Sovereigns at (808) 785-0402.

The Circle of Sovereigns are not a Hawaiian government entity. We do however, form the basis of lawful conflict resolution and pono community self governance. We are transparent, accountable and offer our services free of charge. Gratuity Donations are welcome.