Another “Contempt” Charge

Yesterday, I faced Judge Mahilani Hiatt for another “contempt” charge (I know almost all the Judges now😏). She and Prosecutor Frye were predictably staying on their corporate State of Hawai’i script…but they DID NOT INITIATE MORE HARM.♨️🙂

They know, I know, we all know… that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES. We are co-creating a framework of trust, for ho’oponopono and healing💥❤️. I have compassion for the fact, that after 125+ years of occupation, that they feel like they are stuck between a rock and a very hard place. Rightly so…but meaningful remedy is actually in full view. We are powerful because, TRUTH IS SOVEREIGN. Now, I experience their words and actions as them giving us the green light….TO ORGANIZE and ASSERT OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHT to FULL DISCLOSURE and SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS.
We must do and say what they feel they cannot.

“The ball is in our court.” (T-shirt idea!! for HK Jural Assembly )

Sovereign Hawaiians of all colors…ANSWER THE CALL.
It is your individual covenant with Creator : YHWH-AKUA.

Gene Tamashiro

Stopped AGAIN for Expired License Plates: Positive Outcome

Over the weekend… the county police stopped me for expired plates. The officer asked me for my drivers license, vehicle registration, and insurance card. I told him I am a sovereign Hawaiian national, and showed him my new Hawaiian Kingdom ID: Natural law constitutional monarchy : Declaration of Rights 1839. He was impressed. I told him, “These days, I don’t use State of Hawai’i paperwork to travel in my own country.” I added, “I know your written regulations/policy, as yet, does not reflect the truth and law that is now becoming fully understood by all concerned, but great strides are now being taken to establish a coexistence and co-prosperity relationship.” He liked that. I told him, ” We have also begun to create a sovereign Kingdom insurance company to be responsible in the event of damages.” He liked that too! I explained that I do not sign anything, and that he just needed to give me his Yellow Copy Complaint, and the Hawaiian Kingdom will take it from there with the State judicial system. Three police cars surrounded my little green CRV…But after clarifying my status with two scoops aloha, the five officers wished me a good day…And we all went merrily on our daily business. IMUA – ONIPA’A – ALOHA!

Gene Tamashiro

Aloha-Truth Walk Out

Dear Friends for Freedom…

I have come to the full realization that we will never find meaningful remedy for problems in our society/government, until we establish standing AS TRUE LIVING SOVEREIGNS unto the peoples/public record.

Otherwise, the employees and agents of the State will presume they own you.

Who are you?
Where are you?
Under what law(s) do you live by?

The United States is self defined as a “federal corporation.” (See: United States Code, Article 28 Section 3002, line 15) This unconstitutional “legal entity” was created through the unlawful establishment of the District of Columbia 1871 (WASHINGTON DC).

Congress has no lawful authority to transform a dejure people’s government, into a foreign owned government services corporation (legal entity), which is under the Roman Civil / Admiralty Law of the IMF and Crown Corporation, England.

I am not a corporate fiction “person.” I am a sovereign Hawaiian national, subject only under Ke Akua / God’s Law of Liberty : Declaration of Rights 1839 Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III.

For over six years, I have worked to make sure that my true status is clarified and established. I am no longer presumed to be a 14th Amendment US citizen-slave.

Hawaiian Nationals from Oahu and Molokai are flying in to support one of their own… me!

Administrative remedy within the State of Hawai’i Inc. has been exhausted.

We are invoking a nation to nation settlement.
Natural Law Justice : Hawaiian Kingdom

Breach of International Jurisdiction
Declaration of Departure from USA INC. (Babylon)
Tuesday, July 17, 2018  8:30am
South Kohala Courtroom (Waimea)


Oh yeah… wear red!



Aloha Nation Live has begun to broadcast on 93.5FM


UPDATE: Dear Friends for Freedom… Aloha Nation Live 93.5 (Hawaiian Kingdom Radio!) had to be temporarily shut down, because agent/employees of the State of Hawai’i kidnapped me (again)… Of course, I did no harm, and NO HARM = NO CRIME, but we are dealing with a corporate “legal entity” and they operate in corporate / admiralty law…Roman Civil Law = Babylon. In the last 9 months, they put me in jail for REQUIRING SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS, which is an unalienable right (judge called it contempt of court, which is somewhat true…in that I do have CONTEMPT for CORRUPTION!


Dear Friends for Freedom…

Our first show was done live, Friday May 11, 2018 at 9:33am and was almost 4 hrs long!

Musical guests Unity and Tiana; Sacred Herb Advocate, The Legendary Roger Christie; Youth Poetry by Red House; and Circle of Sovereign founding member Kate Lilly joined us for some amazing interviews, music, information and personal manao.

Attached below are two sample clips of ‘KU” (Gene) and “Nomad.”

We will be sharing all segments of our opening broadcast very soon.
Still figuring out how to do this… Our hosts are not so familiar with radio… Still learning to talk / fly 🙂

Next live broadcast is this coming Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10AM.

Featuring: Tia and Tiana, Wahine Captains of the Hawaiian Kingdom Relief Station; Solomon York, Hawaiian Kingdom Marshal, Herb Loa’a, Hawaiian musician and great Kingdom supporter.

We just wanted to give you folks a small sample of what we’re doing, and where we hope to go.


We are located in Pahoa town, and our reach and clarity is covering a good portion of the PUNA district.

This is a new beginning…

True Love and mahalos to you all…

Circle of Sovereigns

Pledges & Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom

Mahalo Ke Akua / YHWH / God… (the Truth and Source)

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at Malama O Puna in Pahoa Town, Na Moku O Keawe (Hawai’i Island).

9 People Pledged the Oath of Allegiance unto Hawaiian Kingdom : Declaration of Rights 1839. Natural Law justice is our unalienable Ke Akua (YHWH) given right to due process and full transparency with accountability.


Hawaiians of all colors experienced a beautiful and aloha filled ceremony. We took a significant step toward restoring truth in lawfulness in our beloved Hawai’i nei. All of us are members of the Circle of Sovereigns : Natural Law Jural Assembly.

We are based in Hilo / Puna and have been established for the Public Record, since August 3, 2017. Many more are ready to pledge, as most people, once they learn about it, resonate deeply to the self evident truth of Natural Law Justice. We are looking forward to supporting Honoka’a / Waimea / Kohala as they also organize their own Hawaiian Kingdom jural assemblies!

Here is our Pledge unto Hawaiian Kingdom and Declaration of Rights 1839