Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly’s Gene Tamashiro …”Standing in Kingdom Law Honor”..

After many Written and Verbal …Aloha…. attempts to request (with “Hard Love”) any FORMAL responses from local county officials or judicial representatives of the “fake state”/ Corporate Dun and Bradstreet occupiers, brother Gene finally drew the line in the sand …..so to speak; and showed what it was like to stand in honor when in the service of a Lawful governance entity of an occupied peoples. There is no Ho’oponopono when the Occupier will not even be truthful enough to enlighten its “constituents” even with a contrary view to the facts and/or at least try to provide evidence to counter the facts. However, the Corporate “god-complex” protocol is always fire and sword (bullying, kidnapping, jailing) when the $ arrogance gets entrenched too deeply; the blindness path to their own freedom is lost in denial. The public judicial hearing (last Monday …September 23, 2019; Kamehameha statue) to engage in a last Ho’oponopono OPPORTUNITY for the local county officials has passed and judgement set. There is no more “discussion” as all channels have been exhausted. This jailing of brother Gene does not stop the judgement and the actions to be taken upon these uncaring and arrogant “$ worshippers / financial capital “bed partners”. The actual so-called crime committed was so-called contempt of court. This protocol conjecture is normal procedure to obscure their own contempt for Hawaiian Kingdom subjects not having the proper ID or documents to engage in the everyday normal activity of existing under corporate/Roman civil law. Hearing today is at 1:30 Fake State Corporate courthouse….as the stage was/is set to now Highlight this exact contempt by the British Accreditation Regency practitioners with a Detailed oratory engagement.

Hawaiian Kingdom Common Law (1839)= Creator Law UNITY..

UNITY IN LAW (1839 Declaration of Rights; Kamehameha III) Clarification of Status; and Call to Action… for all compatriots to always provide their Mana’o in a ho’oponopono manner …which IS Hawaiian Kingdom Law protocol. Circle of Sovereigns/ HK Jural Assembly has ALWAYS provided their “Kapu Aloha” program in the most Open and Above Board (transparency) manner; especially for all Friends to make suggestion and criticisms in a “sober” (read Disciplined) and factual unifying procedure. Any other method is only the continuation of the historic divisiveness characteristic of the different Kingdom groups not utilizing Ho’oponopoono…resulting in factionalism.

Hawaiian Kingdom + ALOHA TRUTH = Lokahi (Unity)

Gene Tamashiro is a sovereign (not THE SOVEREIGN king / queen) of the Hawaiian Kingdom : Ko Hawai’i Pae ‘Aina subject under the Creator’s Law as codified; Declaration of Rights 1839, Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III. The police officers, Kanaka brothers, are contracted with the State of Hawai’i corporation (Dun and Bradstreet # 047333546) that perpetuates HARMFUL POLICIES on behalf of an UNLAWFUL “fake state” foreign corporate occupation. Intuitively, these police officers immediately grasp the nature of the illegal conundrum and respond in mutual aloha as well. Gene clearly provides the lawful foundation of Common / Natural / Ke Akua law concepts required for the Unity of all nations and people. The peaceful interaction is a unique feature of our beloved Kingdom, the ALOHA NATION. The “Huli,” and transformation from a de facto government corporation to a true People’s de jure government has already begun! BE TRUTHFUL..DO NO HARM..HONOR YOUR WORD. In the end, the facilitator of this is the remedy of international law to which he ascribes his actions concur.