Notice for Title Correction / Notice to Cease and Desist (unlawful legislation) …to Windward Planning Commission re “Bottling Plant” and Cell Towers in the Hilo, Keaau, Pahoa areas.

PDF:   Notice to Windward Planning Commission re Cease and Desist .. Unlawful practice of legislating unlawfully.. 2-4-20B001

PDF:   Notice for Title Correction to Windward Planning Commission re Unlawful jurisdiction to implement any legislation not compatible with Hawaiian Kingdom law (whereby HARM is incurred to the economic and social well-being of the Hawaiian Nation and its people)…HKJA 2-4-20A001

Hawaiian Homelands: Protected or “Legally” Abused

Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly members Abraham Cortes-kaleopaa and Gene Tamashiro seek support for the the re-establishment of HK Postal services in the Mauna Village. We served a NOTICE and DEMAND FOR PARTICULARS to District Supervisor Olinda Fisher. DHHL Chairman William Aila joins us on speakerphone. We seek help and assistance from this State agency ..because it is their mission to serve the housing and community needs of Kanaka Hawaiians…not as an “overlord”, but as compatriots “on the ground” with their Peers who are in the field.