Circle of Sovereigns

The “Circle” was established to help restore truth, justice, and harmony in our beloved Hawai’i nei. All People, no matter what political venue or social perspective are welcome. We are strong in our unity and diversity. Together we secure a Pono and good future for our keiki and the future generations.

We gather and live lawfully by holding ourselves and each other accountable to the three principles of Natural Law Justice:

Be Truthful.      Do No Harm.      Honor Your Word.

Sovereign: (noun) An individual who possesses and exercises supreme authority. To be independent of all others. A sovereign man or woman is not under the lawful authority of any other. A sovereign is free as long as he/she abides by the Natural/Holy/Universal Law.

Remember who you are… and where you are… You are Free! Stand fearless, in the Universal Law of Truth and Love… the Law of Aloha! You have the unalienable right to “follow your bliss.”

The Circle of Sovereigns / Hawaiian Kingdom Jural Assembly is not a Hawaiian government entity. We do however, form the basis of lawful conflict resolution and pono community self governance. We are transparent, accountable and offer our services free of charge. Gratuity Donations are welcome.

Join us! 

For more information contact  Circle of Sovereigns at (808) 785-0402.