2 thoughts on “Nation to Nation

  1. Hello, how much Kala, and where shall I send application. I have registered with a Hilo office, is there any conflict, this is different with a good declaration of commitment. Is there a Hawaii island office where I may meet or help a little? I live 60 miles from Hilo but do travel there once a month. Mahalo, Olivia


    1. Aloha Olivia…Mahalo for writing…and please forgive me for the delay in my response. My original webmaster is off island, we are in transition, and have been very busy…To answer your question, Mamo St. office is not responding to repeated efforts to merge our services and work together. Our ID, costs $40, and is different in that it clarifies and confirms your sovereign soul status. Hawaiian Kingdom subjects are not subject to a man/woman. We are subject to the Creator’s Law as codified: Declaration of Rights 1839, Kauikeaouli, Kamehameha III. You can call me at: 808 785-0402 / Mahalo again, and God bless.


Good to hear from you. You will be contacted via the email address you provided. If your inquiry can't wait, you may call (808) 785-0402

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