Yesterday, I faced Judge Mahilani Hiatt for another “contempt” charge (I know almost all the Judges now😏). She and Prosecutor Frye were predictably staying on their corporate State of Hawai’i script…but they DID NOT INITIATE MORE HARM.♨️🙂

They know, I know, we all know… that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES. We are co-creating a framework of trust, for ho’oponopono and healing💥❤️. I have compassion for the fact, that after 125+ years of occupation, that they feel like they are stuck between a rock and a very hard place. Rightly so…but meaningful remedy is actually in full view. We are powerful because, TRUTH IS SOVEREIGN. Now, I experience their words and actions as them giving us the green light….TO ORGANIZE and ASSERT OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHT to FULL DISCLOSURE and SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS.
We must do and say what they feel they cannot.

“The ball is in our court.” (T-shirt idea!! for HK Jural Assembly )

Sovereign Hawaiians of all colors…ANSWER THE CALL.
It is your individual covenant with Creator : YHWH-AKUA.

Gene Tamashiro

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