Over the weekend… the county police stopped me for expired plates. The officer asked me for my drivers license, vehicle registration, and insurance card. I told him I am a sovereign Hawaiian national, and showed him my new Hawaiian Kingdom ID: Natural law constitutional monarchy : Declaration of Rights 1839. He was impressed. I told him, “These days, I don’t use State of Hawai’i paperwork to travel in my own country.” I added, “I know your written regulations/policy, as yet, does not reflect the truth and law that is now becoming fully understood by all concerned, but great strides are now being taken to establish a coexistence and co-prosperity relationship.” He liked that. I told him, ” We have also begun to create a sovereign Kingdom insurance company to be responsible in the event of damages.” He liked that too! I explained that I do not sign anything, and that he just needed to give me his Yellow Copy Complaint, and the Hawaiian Kingdom will take it from there with the State judicial system. Three police cars surrounded my little green CRV…But after clarifying my status with two scoops aloha, the five officers wished me a good day…And we all went merrily on our daily business. IMUA – ONIPA’A – ALOHA!

Gene Tamashiro

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