UPDATE: Dear Friends for Freedom… Aloha Nation Live 93.5 (Hawaiian Kingdom Radio!) had to be temporarily shut down, because agent/employees of the State of Hawai’i kidnapped me (again)… Of course, I did no harm, and NO HARM = NO CRIME, but we are dealing with a corporate “legal entity” and they operate in corporate / admiralty law…Roman Civil Law = Babylon. In the last 9 months, they put me in jail for REQUIRING SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS, which is an unalienable right (judge called it contempt of court, which is somewhat true…in that I do have CONTEMPT for CORRUPTION!


Dear Friends for Freedom…

Our first show was done live, Friday May 11, 2018 at 9:33am and was almost 4 hrs long!

Musical guests Unity and Tiana; Sacred Herb Advocate, The Legendary Roger Christie; Youth Poetry by Red House; and Circle of Sovereign founding member Kate Lilly joined us for some amazing interviews, music, information and personal manao.

Attached below are two sample clips of ‘KU” (Gene) and “Nomad.”

We will be sharing all segments of our opening broadcast very soon.
Still figuring out how to do this… Our hosts are not so familiar with radio… Still learning to talk / fly 🙂

Next live broadcast is this coming Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10AM.

Featuring: Tia and Tiana, Wahine Captains of the Hawaiian Kingdom Relief Station; Solomon York, Hawaiian Kingdom Marshal, Herb Loa’a, Hawaiian musician and great Kingdom supporter.

We just wanted to give you folks a small sample of what we’re doing, and where we hope to go.


We are located in Pahoa town, and our reach and clarity is covering a good portion of the PUNA district.

This is a new beginning…

True Love and mahalos to you all…

Circle of Sovereigns

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