One thought on “Cell Towers in Public Areas (Dangerous levels in Pahoa)

  1. Pepe’ekeo, Hawaii

    No scientific studies have been evaluated to demonstrate that any non-injurious inflictions would occur by these towers, and …we .. are merely the Disposable consumers of the very lucrative Hightech communications industry. In fact this 5G is particularly targeted at Gamers ..who are mostly the young people.

    So far, the propaganda being fed us sounds very familiar to the plight of the Bikini Atoll residents as they were told their homes were safe to return to after the nuclear bomb tests were completed.

    1839 Hawaiian Kingdom Law (Akua Law /Common-natural Law) still remains in continuity …right alongside the Kingdom itself which never ceased to exist. It has always been available for all Hawaiian Nationals to rightfully utilize…of which it is their Legal responsibility (in regards to the First Tenet) …to both prevent (harm) and enforce …”Do No Harm”.


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