America and Hawaii, as known in the “modern post industrial” era are both founded on the Natural Law, or Divine/Universal Law (America 1776, Hawai’i 1839).

Of course…American history, especially after the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Jan, 17, 1893, has had a tremendous impact upon Hawai’i.

See :
House Joint Resolution #192 on June 5, 1933 / eliminating gold-backed (value based and guaranteed) currency. Previous to the treason of HJR192. The American money system had a Standard of value based on the Coinage Act of 1792, authorized and incorporated under the Natural Law principles of the organic Constitution 1789.

Here it is… ALL DEBT MUST BE PAID (Article I section 10)

In Full Value… Equal Value

For something to be “Paid” ….  A Promise must be fulfilled. Completed the contract.

For now… we use federal reserve notes… They are not backed with promised value.
We need to create, first through trust… and barter… and eventually… our own Hawaiian Kingdom currency. Backed by the value of our Covenant to KeAkua/Honor/God and initially, the Crown Lands 1.8 million acres.

“Commerce” and “Trade” are often used interchangeably; but strictly speaking, commerce relates to dealings with foreign nations, states, or political communities, while trade denotes business exchange or mutual traffic within the limits of a state or nation. Buying selling, and trading between members of the same “community.” …the whole world.

Remember… in the Law of Commerce or the Natural Law…
In either venue… TRUTH IS  SOVEREIGN.

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